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Alton Carter's books are the perfect, inspiring gift for children everywhere. Throughout both books, Alton describes in rhyming verse some of the encouragement he received from teachers while growing up in a foster home.

The Boy Who Dreamed Big is the story of how a foster child was inspired by his elementary school teacher to use his imagination to overcome his obstacles. Encouraged by his teacher and others, he learned that if he worked hard and believed in himself, his dreams would come true, and he could be whatever he wanted.

The second book in "The Boy Who" series, The Boy Who Went to the Library is the story of the author, little Alton, finding amazing inspiration at the local library. Encouraged by his teacher, he travels to the local library to discover new worlds only found in one's imagination through reading books. This book helps children to see the value of reading and visiting the library.

Both books are beautifully illustrated by Janelda Lane


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